1502166619.png      杭州康茂机械有限公司位于中国著名城市——杭州,交通十分便利。公司拥有多种加工中心、数控机床等先进设备,专业生产各类叉车用供油泵、钢片等,同时也经销摩擦片、变矩器等叉车变速箱零配件。



Hangzhou Kangmao Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in China's famous city - Hangzhou, transportation is very convenient. The company has many kinds of machining center, CNC machine tools and other advanced equipments, He professional produce various kinds of forklift pumps, steel sheet, friction plate, torque converter and other forklift gearbox parts . 

The company since its establishment in 2002, he always implement the "customer first, quality win" principle, to rely on advanced technology, precision equipment, strict management and work hard employee, continue to study more better forklift charge pump products, and strive to meet the market demand. In this period he has accumulated rich production experience in the design and manufacturing of products ,the goods is stable quality, production of supporting precision, deep peer praise, products are exported to all over the country and Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other regions, has a good reputation among the clients. 

Due to production development needs, the company's production bases are currently divided into two locations, namely Louta Tower in Hangzhou (Hangzhou Kangmao Engineering  Co., Ltd.) and Shaoxing Shangyu Fenghui Town (Shaoxing Shangyu Kangjie Engineering  Co., Ltd.)

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